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Makthaverskan is Sweden’s biggest indie band. They make the most relevant pop music in Sweden today, and it’s obviously incredibly appreciated. They have last two years made two US tours and a tour of Europe, as well as numerous festival appearances. They’re currently in the studio, and the new album will be out worldwide late 2017 or early 2018. They recently turned down a US record deal worth over $100 000 to keep their integrity. They want to do what they feel for, and live out their artistically look on their music.

They released their second album ”Makthaverskan II” in Sweden 2013 and the US in 2014. It got a lot of attention and great reviews from the major music blogs and magazines, such as Pitchfork, Stereogum, NPR, Fader, The Line of Best Fit etc. They also released the 7” Witness in 2015 and was named Best New Track on Pitchfork.

Latest update: 2017-03-10

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” This young Swedish quintet reject the picture-perfect pop their country is best known for in favor of more visceral new-wave sounds along with startlingly honest lyrics courtesy of force-of-nature frontwoman Maja Milner. ”
– Jenn Pelly at Pitchfork